About Yangmal Jib

Yangmal Jib (양말집) means house of socks in Korean. Yangmal Jib is a sock company based in Portland, Oregon that provides quality socks made from Korea. We aim to spread joy and excitement through expressive colors and unique designs. Our message through our socks are to love and to encourage our friends and community.

How it begun..

In my younger years I wasn’t sure who I was or what I wanted. My wardrobe choices were an imitation of what I saw in the media and from those I looked up to around me. Unfortunately I was raised in a conservative culture where neutral and dark colors dominated. I finally decided to break away from what I was comfortable with and started to bring some color into my life. I wasn’t sure where to start and felt very uncomfortable trying something so different. Thus my journey begins.
It started one day when I pulled out every article of clothing I owned and went through it all, piece by piece. I was frustrated during Covid and wanted to do some life cleaning. As I was going through my wardrobe, there was a glimpse of color buried deep in my drawer. It was a pair of bright yellow socks with a zebra pattern that I had never worn. “Hmmm… interesting, let me see how these fit”, I thought to myself. Looking at the mirror I wiggled my toes and checked out myself in these socks. Dressed in an oversized t-shirt and pajama pants I felt a spark of joy! This was the change I didn’t know I needed, socks! It was something so simple and small, but it gave me the courage to break out of my shell. I ran around and did a little dance, as if my feet finally got its first glimpse of sunshine in three decades. It was a small but exhilarating feeling to explore something for myself.
I am the type to share joy with those around me and I wanted to pursue a life that honored that. I started to share my revelation with those around me and started to see a dazzling world of color and design out there. Socks are not a big investment or a showy piece, so its an easy way to show the world a little bit about our true selves. This is the inspiration behind Yangmal Jib!
Try a pair of socks that highlight your personality and show people a little bit of your colorful personality!